CashCow Marketplace User Guide


We will explain how to use the CashCow Protocol DApp marketplace to buy and sell the Happy Cows and Genesis NFTs.

Buy on the Maketplace

On the main page of the marketplace you can see the list of the different NFTs for sale, both Genesis and Happy Cow.

To be efficient in the search we can use filters 1 and 2.

With filter 1 we can choose to list only Happy Cow NFTs for sale or Genesis NFTs.

With filter 2 we can sort the listed NFTs according to 3 criteria. The default sorting criterion displays the NFTs according to the order in which they have been listed, showing first the NFTs that have been listed most recently. The second criterion sorts the NFTs according to their price from lowest to highest; the third criterion also sorts according to price but shows the highest priced NFTs first.

Sell on the Marketplace

To sell one of our NFTs in the marketplace we simply need to access the view of our NFTs in the ‘My NFTs’ section of the DApp.

This section shows the Happy Cows and Genesis NFTs that we have in our wallet. To place one of these NFTs in the marketplace simply click on the ‘Not Listed’ button. This will open a new window like this:

Where we must click the ‘List NFT’ button to open a pop-up where we will indicate the price in $MILK tokens at which we want to sell our NFT. Once the price is indicated, the text ‘Not Listed’ will change to ‘Listed’.

To stop selling an NFT we have in the marketplace we simply click on the ‘Listed’ button and in the previous window click ‘Unlist’, then accept the confirmation message.

Reminder: it is necessary to remove the NFTs from the marketplace to be able to use them in the stacking function or to obtain the corresponding benefits for the farm game.



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